You can find landscaping companies anywhere, but none of them can offer what we do.

If you imagine yourself and your family with a backyard that would provide food, relaxation, and an education, than you should consider investing in a sustainable  landscape. Our team is experienced in the start up and maintenance of organic gardening, free range chickens, and reduction of waste. We will begin with a consultation to discuss what you envision, what is practical for the area of your property you are dedicating to this vision, and the types of materials that can be used in construction. From there you will watch as our team transforms your current lawn or garden into an area that will provide you and your family with food, knowledge, and a sense of achievement. 

Organic Vegetable Gardens

Free Range Chickens

We do what no one else does

Construction and Maintenance 

We will help maintain and protect your gardens year after year.

In order to keep your garden organic and producing healthy fruits and vegetables, we will teach and help you use the best natural ways to care for your plants. We will help with weeding, pruning, overall maintenance, and can even install irrigation to be sure plants are taken care of properly and reduce the amount of time and work.


Chickens are good for more than just daily fresh eggs.

Nationwide, food scraps make up about 29 million tons of the waste that we send to landfills. Yard waste totals are just about that same amount, 33 million tons. Food and yard waste combined represent about 28% of all municipal solid waste generation. Much of that household organic waste could be bio-recycled in backyards and never even leave the property. 

Raising just two chickens per household could significantly reduce food and yard waste. Chickens benefit from eating our food scraps, garden weeds, aging fruits and vegetables, and bugs that we don't want eating our plants. In return, we benefit by receiving fresh eggs, entertainment, weed control, organic fertilizer, pest control, therapy, and self sustainability. Let our team construct the perfect environment and help you introduce chickens and their benefits into your yard. 

Practicing Sustainability